Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tonight we were...'Merkins

the strangest thing happened tonight....our family sat down to a home-cooked meal (that part is normal) not around our dining room table, like we have for nearly every single meal for the past...gosh, who knows. tonight we sat down in front of....the television. and don't think it didn't strike us as only strange to US, and not to the majority of what we call Merkins (Americans.) i must admit it felt very strange at first, to be sitting in a comfortable swivel rocker while balancing my plate on my knee with my wine perced on Grandma Hedwig's side table. but as soon as i hit "play" on the remote and our family movie started it felt oddly familiar and downright pleasurable.
(the blue glow)

and the fare could not have been more Merkin. meatloaf and mashed potatoes. i swear i did not plan this, it was merely a coincidence.

what movie, you may ask, could pull this faithful 'round-the-table family to park their asses in front of the tube for their first family-movie-with-dinner night? the answer, my friends, is a little movie called Wall-E.

Wall-E was worth it. Call it a Sci-Fi for children. it borrows, like most science fiction does, from A.I. and Blade Runner. its an adorable Pixar-Disney (those bastards finally got my money, damn it and maybe a teeny-tiny ounce of my respect) film about a trash compacting robot left behind on Earth to clean up the toxic waste dump that was once a bustling human city. 700 years before, the people of earth had to bail on a giant space "cruise" ship to escape the poisonous reckage our consumption brought upon the planet. the whole operation was funded by the mega-conglomerate Buy'n'Large who basically over the course of 7 centuries had turned the human race into obese, technological-dependant idiots who never step fat foot off their personal hover-chairs. and how one small sprout can spark the promise and determination of the human spirit which is all but extinct. it is a sobering, albeit comically dramatic, look at the path of our greed and insatiable consumerism if we indeed need to hit rock bottom to turn things around. its a gem, people, a gem.

and obviously why a family-movie night was in order. if there were more movies like this that i could really get behind, then we'd do it more often. but most movies made for children are crap, through my motherly lens, absolute crap.

adding the perfect ending to our night, i wiped my tears and we cleared our plates, contemplating the delicate balance of science, technology and the simplicity LIFE at its core, and blake went to close the chicken coop door. he came back with THIS:

we've had our hens for just under 2 days and already our first egg! we were expecting them to take some time to adjust, but i guess we;ve made at least one of them feel at home!

sometimes all it takes for one to feel connected to "the circle" and inspired to do well for the benefit of humankind and mother nature, is to hold a freshly laid egg straight from a chickens butt. and with that, i bid you goodnight.


UrbanHippieMama said...

ha ha... you are anything BUT 'Merkins!! :) But it is pretty odd to picture you all eating your dinner in front of the tv.

and an EGG?!? i am simultaneously ecstatic for you (because i know what an exciting and wonderous thing it is), and also a wee bit miffed that you bring your chickens home and 2 days later you get an egg!! i am envious, and would definitely do it your way if i ever have to do it over again.

can't wait to meet your girls. :) the ones with feathers, that is. ok, good night. xo

elliesmadre said...

Yes, I agree that it is strange to think of you all around the TV for dinner. :) We were thinking of renting that movie, we'll have to check it out.

And yay for eggs!! Or egg!

LA RN said...

How adorable cute! Every little bit... The girls in the TV's blue glow with their little plates in front of them. (Did they eat more or less or the same? Supposedly we eat more food when we are zoning on the TV). And sounds like a good ol' Perlingieri family values movie!

Amy said...

Oh now I really want to see that movie! The kids have seen it but I haven't yet.

Totally cracking up about the Merkins. Thank goodness McCain didn't get in office...the shame and horra of the accent would kill me.

leahsmom said...

Dont you just love to break the rules sometimes and get a reward in the end? MoM

angstmonkey said...

I actually liked that movie! Does that make me a sci-fi dork now?

elliesmadre said...

So, I just had to say that the word Merkin made me think of something L Word. Someone's last name was Merkin on the L Word. Jenny said it meant vagina wig. LOL So, your blog title was Tonight we were...vagina wigs.