Wednesday, December 31, 2008

it's ready for the public

in a corner room, on the second floor, off the northwest coast natives area, dwells a new exhibit. featuring some stunning figures from precolumbian america, and, you know, a bunch of jewelry from the Nomad Collection. a series of labrets, some obsidian eyelets carved so thin the light shines through them, an amazing pair of mayan jade ear ornaments (with a spool and string with a counterbalance to keep the heavy stone jewelry in place), gold septum pieces--some of which i have actually seen blake put through his nose, a gorgeous mayan jade beaded bracelet (from father daniel jensen who married us in mexico) and more. did you know the difference between a perforator and a piercing implement? a perforator is much blunter and tapered to a large gauge for bloodletting purposes, whereas a piercer is sharper and smaller for piercing and inserting jewelry--both instruments are on loan at the exhibit from the Nomad collection. i didn't fully believe it until i saw it myself.

did you see that?? in case you missed it:
(i burst into tear when i saw it)

Mayan, with her Papa, looking pleased in front of objects from "her people"

*big sigh*
there are a few unfinished details like the illustration blake did of a Mayan dude to help explain how the jewelry was actually worn but hopefully it will be up soon. all in all, its ready for the public!

i feel so proud of this guy. look closely--he has his happy face on!

The Portland Art Museum is located at:
1219 SW Park Avenue in downtown Portland.
Kids under 17 are free, and they do Family Sundays with activities for kids. Closed Mondays, see website for specifics and hours.


Lee said...

That is awesome! We will definitely go see it.

Marketing Mama said...

How beautiful and awesome! Congratulations!

elliesmadre said...

I can't wait to go see it! I'm so happy for you all. :)

UrbanHippieMama said...

that is SO exciting! And how amazing to see your names in a museum... I can't wait to see it!

leahsmom said...

This is very exciting, well deserved recognition and to see your name on such an important exhibit. Congratulations! Think of all the people who will see this. MoM

LA RN said...

So proud and happy for you! You can jut your lower chin out and exclaim "We lent our collection to the muw-ZEE-ummm..." (Kind of in the millionaire from Gilligans Isle sort of way).

Wow. I'm totally impressed.