Monday, December 22, 2008

snowbound in pdx

The last 9 days have been very un-Portland-like. If anything, the weather has been Oregon-y. But since Portland is not prepared to handle the cold temperatures and snowfall that has been plauging our dear city the past week and a half, things in the metro area have been a bit chaotic--public transportation struggles, all flights cancelled, tire chains and snow shovels sold out, and people in general going out ill-equipped and getting stuck in the poorly-groomed streets or staying home and surviving on whatever is on-hand. With an already flailing economy just days before the major consumer holiday, the timing is downright shitty. But what gives us peace, here on Mt. Scott, where the snow is deep and the roads steep sheets of icy death? We have a freezer stocked with meat and broth, buckets full of grains and beans, vegetables and berries bagged and frozen from our summer harvest, a cord of fire wood, an abundance of family movies, electricity and internet still intact, friendly neighbors-friends, 4-wheel drive and chains, warm weather clothing and snow boots from our days in Bend....The Nomad Clan is doing JUST FINE! This is what the ARTIC BLAST, as the local news had dubbed this freak storm, has looked like from our perspective:

Did I mention how much Blake loves to cook on our new wood stove?
This breakfast consists of eggs from our chickens and potatoes from our garden, AND burning wood from our own property!

Isadore enjoys the first few days of snow accumulation
We head out for some groceries before the next storm hits...this is Goobies first snow! (please note the amount of snow on the crease of will need it for comparison later.)

Kylin, Mayan, and Isadore make a snowman

The night before Solstice (Friday) I work on the girls flannel nightgowns

Goobie, on the other hand, works on his TEETH.
the snow begins to fall again fast
Solstice night we put up our live tree......."Now what?"

Baby Goobies first treeeeeeeee!

I managed to gather enough holly, ivy, rosemary, and sage for our little family ritual Saturday night

the girls snoogle in their new gowns

The next morning we open gifts. Goobie models his new warm housejacket and checks out his new bugs-in-a-jar toy

Avia (Blake's mom) knit these amazing sweaters for the girls...

...they are a huge hit!

The three Nomad dears have a sibling moment

stuck-in-house=increase in sake and wine clears the recyclables (even though city recycling and garbage hasn't been seen in a week!)

After snowing all day Sunday, the snowman is now merely a snow-head

Sunday night, a Chanukkah feast--Blake steps in to fry the latkes!

The homemade applesauce is a must!

Mmmmm....the stuffed cabbage was so gooooood

Lightin' the menorrah


Monday we gear up the car for travel just in case. There are three ways off Mt. Scott and two of them were CLOSED! (including the street we live off of) chains are on and we are ready (you know, in case we need more wine:)

Remember that shot of me and the baby in front of the garage...look at it now!! And the snowman head is barely visible.....

All this movie watching, so I finally let the girls both see The Princess Bride (skipped the scene with the ROUSes) and now they (Isadore especially) are obsessed!! Here is the scene from the cover: Westly as the Dread Prirate Roberts and Princess Buttercup.

the snow shows no sign of melting so Kylin and MG eat some snow ice cream
Its a Japanese birdbath ice cream cone! And guess what? MORE SNOW DUE WEDNESDAY. Wish us luck!!!

Yours truly, Mama Nomad


Amy said...

Good times! Love the girls plays!!!

Does Goobie have tooth? Max is cutting his first bottom one(s)...

Mrs. G. said...

What a wonderfully festive post. Stay warm you cute little Nomads!

LA RN said...

I can't believe the amount of snow you got! So glad you are a mostly self sustained family. You made need to learn how to make wine! Heehee!

We are so delighted the girls love the Princess Bride-such cute pics!

leahsmom said...

I love the snowman. He would make a great holiday greeting card. The sweaters Avia knit are beautiful. Good job Avia! I am so glad the girls love The Princess Bride especially since it was such a big hit with our growing up family. The costumes are great and so are the pjs. This is definately a winter to remember. Merry Christmas. MoM

Lee said...

I'm not sure I would have remembered to stock up on booze before the storm hit, but that would have been important. Glad Blake had enough :) Luckily, I was in Mexico with plenty of booze, ha ha!

Love all the pictures!