Thursday, January 24, 2008

what we look like

this is what i look like 25 weeks pregnant from the left:

this is what Humper looks like when he sleeps:

this is what Blake looks like when he is doing house projects:

this is what Mayan looks like riding her bike without training wheels:

this is what Isadore looks like floating on her back:

this is what Nomad looks like in the evening:

this is what Isadore and I look like watching Sesame Street first thing in the morning:

this is what my belly looks like in bed:

this is what the girls look like taking a bath:

and finally, this is what i look like 27 week pregnant from the right:

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


lately, i feel like i have been not able to appreciate where Isadore is at....people ask "how are the girls?" and i say "Mayan is great--she is learning to swim and really brave in the water...she is reading like crazy.....her training wheels are off her bike! oh, and isadore......isadore is very three." the girls is cuter than a button (which is sometimes her saving grace) but i do spend the greater part of my day saying "please don't kick the dog, he doesn't like that..." "let GO of the cats tail!" "who drew on the wall?? pens are for PAPER ONLY!" if she doesn't like what we are saying, she immediately juts her bottom lip and crosses her arms and stomps off. i say "Mama and Papa are not being unfair, we are looking out for may be disappointed but you don't need to be rude." or as she would say "wude." her toddler accent cracks us up--our favorite phrase: "do dat daden!" (do that again.)

she frequently finds her strength in being one of her characters that she has created. often it is a ninja (all black clothing with her "N is for Ninja" shirt) or a kitty, or the ever-popular kitty-ninja. then there is Strong Girl, which she created after seeing the Strong Man competition on TV, and merely requires her changing her clothes into short-pajamas (you know, the kind that shows off her muscles) and then she goes around the house lifting kid chairs and such. the other day at music class she insisted on carrying a heavy basket of instruments, and, as she did, saying to all the other moms in the room over her shoulder "i am Strong Girl, after all..." like she was reminding us of the identity that her long sleeves and pants concealed. another fun one is "Lil' Kick"--not sure how this one developed but she wears a very spangly blue and purple tutu and a witches hat. oh and black rain boots. just now she ran in wearing pink from head to toe and said "Hey, mom, look at me! My name is Pink!" i must say, since she really isn't a girly-girl, it was a surprising change from all black.

a few days ago while me and Blake were waist-deep in house projects, little miss found some kids scissors on the kitchen counter. later blake came upstairs and asked "who found some hair and left it on the kitchen floor?" (it is not unusual to find haircut reminents in our house as blake likes to save them) but the more i thought about it the more i thought...that is probably fresh hair--so i scanned isadore's head and sure enough she had gotten a good chunk of front hair. this was disappointing as we've been growing out her bangs forever and they are juuuust getting to where they are long enough to stay in her pony tail. "isadore!" i said in my best mommy-is-serious voice. "you may not use scissors on your hair. if you want a haircut you have to ask us--and then mama or papa or a hair dresser will do the cutting." big tears welled up in her giant round blue eyes "but i weally want short hair..." "well, i understand, honey, if your hair was in your face....but next time PLEASE ask." "okay, Mama." she wiped her tears and i kissed the top of her head--then as quickly as i could grabbed Blake's arm and pulled him into the bathroom where i could finally let my laughter go. between the uncontrollable giggling, i confessed, "i didn't want to lead actually looks.....really good!" it wasn't complete but she has a great face for bangs so it was hard to be really upset. we don't have a decent pair of haircutting scissors and asking a three year old to keep their head still while you chop hair near their eyeballs with dull blades wasn't easy--it is still very crooked, but she looks like a doll.

then yesterday, while mayan was at her music class, isadore and i had 40 minutes to kill somewhere in the neighborhood.....the sun was out but the temp was in the lower 30's even though the wind chill made it seem less. even so, we braved our first stroll around Laurelhurst Park, a centrally located park just off Burnside, with great walking trails and a huge pond in the center. i dug around the car for gloves and hats and decided that we were well-equipped enough to do a quick walk around. i kept a steady pace while Isadore "was so three" all around me...only this time it was okay to be three. she galloped wildly and then would halt the minute something off the path caught her attention, and change course. she found the perfect stick which became her constant companion for poking piles of leaves and bushes and pointing to dogs. she kicked pine cones and, with rosey wind-kissed cheeks, would call out to me excitedly every time she saw something of interest ("Mommy!! Look at that duck!!"), asked a bazillion questions ("why isn't the pond moving??--it was frozen), and made simple observations ("the dog is kicking up dirt....that lady has wheels on her chair....") and personal statements ("I'm not afraid of dogs anymore!") basically she just didn't stop--and something clicked that hadn't in a while. suddenly, *three* wasn't so annoying--*three* was actually pretty cool, and magical, and special, and in this moment, suits isadore perfectly.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

sunday sail

after weeks of rain (and snow) and uncommonly cold temperatures, the sun came out, blue sky prevailed, and it warmed to a comfortable 50 degrees. i attended a sweet mama blessing so blake, downright giddy all morning at the prospect, brought the girls to the boat. although there was no wind, they motored out and enjoyed a great few hours on the columbia. this is a photo of a man in his element.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


MG is Mayan Grace, and she is one cool kid. i have been appreciating her coolness in extra amounts lately. watching her in swim lessons today was pretty amazing--i just didn't know she was getting so comfortable in water. she just kept dunking her head under for seconds at a time, popping up and wiping her face, then diving right back down again.

i am still working on my video technology issues, but here are some cute pics and the doll we made with a matching pillow and quilt. she designed the pattern and stuffed the doll, and i did the rest....the doll's name is Mayan and has green eyes and light brown hair--it's her mini-me.

Monday, January 7, 2008

random thoughts to tide you over

i am mad at technology as i filmed something awesome on my camcorder and cannot get it onto my laptop. i really want to do a post about mayan. she is blowing our minds right now. leaps and bounds, my friends, leaps and bounds.

our house in bend sold, but it is a bitter sale. i have been in tears about it for days. it's hard to let any house go where you made so much history, but also to have to let it go long-distance, to have other people dealing with your stuff, and mostly to have the final numbers be so misleading and much of the process go down with you in the dark. right now i hate banks (greedy), title companies (incompetent), and real estate agents (selfish.) not sure what i need to do to move on. getting teary again, on to other things.....

watched a surprisingly funny movie yesterday: the heartbreak kid with ben stiller. the surprise was not that a ben stiller movie was funny because i love him but that i don't really remember hearing anything about it when it first came out. certainly not oscar worthy or anything but i'll tell you, blake and i laughed so hard during one scene that i was not sure i could recover--it was like being really stoned and laughing so hard at something that at some point you leave your body which is seizing with laughter, laughter so violent it's becomes silent and painful--and you look at yourself i just pray to pull it together. anyway, we liked it.

my mom called me today very excited to announce that she was "going green." i wondered what that meant to her and she explained that her first major change was to switch to eco-cleaning products. this made me very happy! she often cleans homes for extra cash and she admitted that today with her *new* products she for the first time left the job not feeling ill. it really is amazing how toxic traditional cleaning products are--not only their impact on the environment in production and but mostly their impact on the environment in which they are used (your home!) her next step is to switch to reusable grocery bags, and she also had never thought before that thrift shopping (which we have for years done together) is really recycling. we both agreed that our country just makes WAY TOO MUCH new stuff. its overwhelming really, but we are just used to it. so props to my mom, and props to Oprah for doing a show on it which inspired her.

we are completely addicted to our new raw milk source. i have never drank so much milk in my life--when i was younger i was intolerant to it, then when i grew out of it, i just didn't like the taste. but now nothing hits the spot like a huge glass (or two) before bed--it's better than dessert! we are now drinking twice as much as we thought we could, two gallons a week and at $10 a gallon that is a VERY spendy habit!

coming soon: the doll that mayan and i made together (she made the pattern), mayan's new skills (too amazing to reveal without footage!) and our really cool new sign at nomad....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

random belly

these aren't the best...but i've had requests!

22 1/2 weeks

23 weeks

for the last few days i have been feeling yucky--again! no big appetite, nauseous, tired....flash back to first trimester (and much of the beginning of the 2nd.)

i am 24 weeks today, and as much as i hate to speculate b/c i think it is fruitless...i am starting to think this might be a boy! it is possible this extended yuckiness is just this baby, this pregnancy and completely unrelated to gender, but i gotta say--it's making me wonder.

the other night i had a dream that i gave birth to a baby that was a perfect 8 pounds. that was a good dream. i would be shocked if i had a baby over 6 pounds since i never have. then again i had just read someone's birth story and their baby was a perfect 8 lbs., so i was probably just integrating the information into my own dreams. ah, the mystery of it all!