Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nomad celebrates 15 years

a worthy headline! it really always has and always will that Blake opened the THIRD piercing shop in the country--and began a movement that still ripples today. the existing shops at the time--Body Manipulations and the Gaunlet--just didn't make the connection that he had (inspired by his Grandmother's travels), that piercing was not merely "play" but ritual and adornment and above all else it was ANCIENT, a practices seen since the earliest civilizations acroos the globe. it has deeper meaning. on Haight Street in San Francisco, his biz partner Kristian and him filled their shop with tribal art and a fountain with trees and birds, walked the streets fliering everyone they saw, and it didn't take long at all--before they knew it they were doing 50 piercings a day.

he definitely hit a chord, and everything just happened at the right place and right time. 15 years later and when i see the grocery clerk with stretched lobes and bone spirals in them, i think "wow, blake impacted this." and i think it works so well for him becasue of his passion. he is dedicated, driven, and intense--but that could have been applied to anything. anything wouldn't do: poking holes, adorning bodies--this is what called him. it's really cool to be even near that kind of passion. i am honored to be "Nomad guy's wife."

the early crowd--KC reads the kids a book in the new "kid zone"

Blake with River, our 8-year-old friend who just got her ears pierced last week

did i mention Nomad has kid zone?
what is the difference between the first nomad party crowd and this crowd--15 years later? um, we all have FAMILIES!

Blake helping Johann (aka the Red King, an old friend and bandmate) pick out something sparkly for his lady

Sunday, February 3, 2008

the sadness

well, i should officially report that my laptop is no longer with us......she had an unfortunate accident and though the hard drive is saved, she is a totalled vessel. *sigh*

much less blogging is the result. but i must remind myself that, yes, there was LBL (life before laptop) and i will adjust.

i'll try and post some belly pictures soon. and i got my hair done last night and it looks really cute. the much slower and very stationary home computer is my only connetion to this world but at least it's something.

don't cry for me, i'll be fine! *wipes tears heroically*