Friday, August 29, 2008

Shoulder-tapping.....for EGGS!

True story. We eat a lot of eggs.

That is not the story. We get our eggs from a lady down the street who has 5 acres and a bunch of chickens. They are delicious and I am really picky about my eggs. Something about the yolk color..if they are too yellow they make me sick and dizzy, but if they are nice and orange I could eat them all day long. We easily dust 3 to 4 dozen a week, between breakfasts and baking--more if we have guests. (My brownie recipe calls for 6 eggs so I can only make them when I have an abundance.) Ideally, I would at all times have a large supply of eggs, 6 dozen or so would make me feel peaceful. They last a month and are a rocking source of protein. Remember that "I love eggs" jingle from's running through my head right now.

Anywho, for some freakish, unexplainable reason egg production took a huge drop this last month. Not just our source but all farms I know of that have chickens are getting a sad percentage of eggs. We had recently worked out a deal with our egg-connection to just leave 3 dozen out in her pickup box every Wednesday at 9am...but lately there would only be 1 or 2...then last week she said there were none! (Can you hear the tragic drama in my voice?) She suggested that we just come by the Farmers Market that Sunday and buy them there when she'd upped her supply. Fine, I said, fine. I ate bacon and oatmeal the rest of the week (cha!)

Sunday morning rolls around--I am up at the butt crack (8am, which for anyone that knows me is REALLY early for me) ready to hit that Market as soon as the tent poles dug into the dirt. I nursed the baby and passed him over to Papa who handed me enough cash to by all the eggs I could get my hands on. I got to the market right on time, with my old lady/homeless person metal cart on wheels and approached the egg booth with a sunny smile on my face and greeted Bonnie with a hearty "Good morning!" I was greeted kindly in return, but then I just cut to the chase.

"So how many eggs you got?"

Bonnie replies, "Well, I can give you two dozen..."

Inside, I am a combination of shocked and crushed, as I see her reach into her cooler and take out 2 dozen from the many many more dozens I see! My face only shows a portion of this, and there is a severe lack of "sunniness" in my tone when I ask "Only two?"

"Yup....but I am really hoping things will pickup next week," she offers. Like somehow that will make me want to punch her less. I know, I know, that reaction might be a little harsh, and really aren't I being a bit selfish to want all the eggs for my own family? I mean she does have other regular customers to keep happy...but that reasoning came later after I had my breakfast scramble. Back to the face-punching.

"Well, that will last us about a half of a week..." I moped, all signs of sunny disposition gone. I was taking the 4 year-old-approach now. I took my eggs and sat them in the bottom of my sad little cart and rolled around the market buying other non-egg things, like melons and tomatoes.

When I finally headed to the car to unload, I happened to notice all the other SE Portlander walking toward the market and I hit me. Why should I leave here with only 2 dozen when I could possibly leave with FOUR dozen! I looked around, scanning for the perfect patsy. Many familes didn't speak English so that was a no-go. After a few minutes I saw him: some local hungover dude stumbling solo toward the market.

"Excuse me, sir," I started. "Are you planning on buying any eggs at the market today?"

He looked at me, slightly confused. "Well....I hadn't really thought about that just yet...why are you selling them?"

I laughed and began "Well, no...and this is going to sound crazy but.." and I started in on my story. At first he looked ready to walk but then (instead of playing the nursing-mother card which I considered but would have worked better on a family) I threw in a "Hey, its not like its BOOZE or anything." He laughed and said okay.

I waited by the car like a nervous, awkward criminal, arranging and rearranging the fresh cut flowers I had bought before. Finally, but not before I began to suspect she was on to me, he comes bumbling around the corner with a bag.

"She'd only sell me one!" he reported as he got near. Better than nothing, I told myself, and thanked my accomplice who then wandered down the street to meet up with some friends, and didn't even go to the market. Weird. But, of course, not as weird as ME, who had just shoulder-tapped for FARM EGGS.

Apparently, from what I can figure, she was only selling 2 dozen to her regulars, and 1 dozen to non-regulars. And even later in the day, from what I gathered, she wasn't selling to anyone who wasn't a regular. How did I gather this, you ask? Because my mom came by our house later that day and I asked her to go get some eggs for me, too. Bonnie told my mom that she was out and my mom put the kibash on her and made Bonnie scare up a dozen. (Thanks, Mom!!!)

So there you have it. I love eggs so desperately that I will go to great lengths to get them. This whole situation has made it abundantly clear to me that I need to just get my own damn chickens. So this winter we will build our chicken tractor and/or coop and be ready to buy chicks this spring. Then I can hoard them all to myself. (insert evil laugh here.)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Lukster

....turns four today.

To our Lukie Lou: brave, compassionate, expressive, bursting with love...Sweetness and toughness all rolled into one adorable little package. Our family would never be complete without you. I remember thinking as soon I finally brought you home, after 12 days in the NICU, how it seemed that no bonding was lost, I'd somehow known you forever and your huge round blue eyes somehow had never NOT existed to me. Papa and I, and even Mayan, can see you blooming right before our eyes...we love you so much! Happy Birthday, Isadore Naomi!

For some more super cute photos of the party a few weeks ago, check out my sister's blog.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

good morning

I am a very, very, very lucky woman--my husband gets up in the a.m. to take care of the kids so I can catch extra "Z" life-before-I-wake is a mystery to me. When I downloaded my camera the other day, I got a small glimpse of that part of the day. How cute is this? They still have "sleep puff" on their eyes...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

same weekend, different camera

These were sent from Chemynne today:

Nicole and Geo

'Thena and C

Toooo cute! Mayan, Thurston, Isadore

Clover princess

I'm glad she got a good one of Daena and Oliver--they are one stylin' couple!

Cousin love (the good kind!--lol)

My sweet baby boy!

Grill dude (this is so artfully taken, C!)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Bash Weekend '08

Saturday morning the whole family reunites with our sleepy guests who came in Friday after the kids were tucked in...Geo gives C a smile:Michael and Geo kick it on the round couch with Baby Nermie:
Thena and MG give humper some love:

Sunday before party, Auntie Na-Na and Uncle Noah show up (a suprise visit from LA--of course I was in on it but not the kids)

MG studies C's technique as they decorate for the party with sidewalk chalk. This was SO much cooler than traditional party decor:
Guests begin to arrive--big and small! Allison "introduces" her little Sweetpea to Zeke, canine lord of the manor. We all had a goooood laugh at this one:
Sweetpea nevertheless was a HIT with the little kids. Another homerun hit was the kitty ears that Joi made for Isadore:
Zeke still got some kid-tention, though, from Kaden mostly:
Sweet pile of goodies for the littles--homemade crafty goodness, thoughtful homeschool activites, or store-bought from small local businesses...we have AWESOME friends:
The crew listens to Jade read the next clue on the treasure hunt:
..and it leads to the fireplace! The final clue:
Nicole whips out her compass to help the kids figure out which way is west:
The booty!:
Root beer float time: the kids wait patiently (well, some more than others....):
Mayan's first RB float ever...she likes it!:

Kids in the playhouse (Is, MG, Kylin, and Max):

C and M brought these awesome Egyptian "action figures" for MG:

The old-skool San Diego crew: Daena, Blake, Nicole, and Chemynne together again after......MANY years:

She may never take either of these things off:
A cool B&W of C taken by a kid I'm sure:

B was taking most of the pictures all weekend so here he is enjoying some post-party and post-pizza relaxation:
Isadore and Thurston:

Siblings B and C and thier babies, George and Athena, respectively:

We were so stoked to have an extra bonus night with C and M and A:
Isadore not only is a great big sis, but a great cousin as well--making sure thena doesn't fall on her bum:

Monday night--grillin' with Naomi and Noah. Apparently, my blackberry gallette was a hit:

Telling spooky stories in the tree house:

Quality aunt and uncle time:

Monday, August 4, 2008

Us? Weekend warriors?

Something about the summertime and Blake having a 5-day work week again, makes us a productive team on the weekends. The first successful project: a front fence so Papa Nomad can roam freely without clothing. We found all of this metal at the Rebuilding Center on Mississippi Street for cheeeeeap! Although now *sniff sniff* I cannot gaze freely at my she-lovah across the way, I do like the way it looks and it creates a cool woodsy haven for the kids. The center section will be filled in with tall, clumping bamboo. Blake rocked this project with a lot help from MG and a little from me and Isa--it took 2 weekends and less than $100.

Here is a peeps at the little man....he still loves his nightly swaddle!
The next big project promised was a play structure--inspired by the cement feet leftover from the old pool deck we tore down last summer. We tried twice to get recycled lumber from the rebuild store, as well as lurking around some construction site dumpsters to no avail--the corrugated roof is recycled though, and the railing slats are salvaged from our old Ikea bed. (Oh, and Breana we "borrowed" a 4x4 post we found laying around in your yard, in case I forget to tell you when you get back!) Here's all of us ladies pitching in to prime it, pre-roof (which was a bitch to get up there, let me tell you--we're both amazed there were no trips to Urgent Care during this whole thing.)

We wore the proof of our painting all weekend on our hands.
Our hero! Doing all the hard work.....
The berries were looking mighty fine so we harvested what we could....
...and I told the girls we could make a crisp. Summer rules.
It's always so special when Mayan can enjoy a homemade dessert (note the paint smear on her forehead):
Almost done!! The proud Papa in front of Das Kinderhaus. Project total: 2 weekends and under $200. (and WAY burlier/cooler than those store-bought ones...)