Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween isn't scary....'s delicious.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

72 hours

K**** Street near 1**nd
“baby nermie”

last time he was seen was saturday. blake knew something was amiss by sunday afternoon so we made some posters. today i visited the two main shelters with no luck--had a super close call though, as they had one found not far from here described as a grey long haired male...i had to look at him for a few minutes but it wasn't him (too big, different tail, no chip). talked to the neighbors. called the microchip place and made sure our info was current. posted a craigslist ad, too. humper, his kitty companion seems really clingy and sad. i will keep checking the shelters but i don't know......where are you, baby nermie??

Monday, October 27, 2008

Overheard in New York...

For those who haven't already discovered this gem of a site....
I am going to posting this on a Monday for those of you at work, who are all caught up on your blog reading and need a little know who you are....

Overheard in New York: The Voice of a City is a sight where real people post real things they guessed it, in New York.


Mother with little girl: Excuse me. My daughter wants to know if you're a pirate.
Woman wearing bandana: No. I'm just a lesbian.

--Crema Restaurante, 17th & 6th


Younger black man with suitcase: I just want you all to know that I am getting on the train with a suspicious package.
Older black man, not looking up from his newspaper: Nigga, that is the stupidest thing you could have said.

--Downtown 1 train


Shoeshine man to group of young people: It ain't natural. Our bodies, they have the hormones to digest meat. If we were like a goat--and not to insult you, miss, 'cause you're prettier than a goat--but then that's okay that we don't eat meat. But we ain't. We're carnivores. If you're a vegetarian, you gotta listen to your body. It's tellin' you: "Meat me!" You know, like, "Meat me!"

--Washington Square Park

Upper-East-Side lady on cell: I know, but I was at a funeral all day...Yeah, it was sad, but I really didn't know him at all...This saddest thing was seeing his daughters upset. They're the same ages as--Wow! This shirt is only $19!! You can't even buy a freaking Frappuccino for $19! I'm getting it in blue.

--Banana Republic, 86th & 3rd


Tourist mom: Oh, look, it's a rat! Come here kids, look, it's a rat!
Tourist kid: Eww, its gross!
Tourist mom: Remember this, this is an authentic New York City experience. See, aren't you glad we missed that subway?

--Bowling Green Station


Overweight hobo: The only things I look forward to in life are mayonnaise and sex!

--57th & 7th

That last one was a Wednesday One-Liner. Oh, man it just goes on and on....and to make it extra funny, each post has its own witty title given by the site owner, I assume. Alright, go see for yourself.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Seattle: Day 1

What are these girls craning their necks to see??

The space needle of course! Heeeeelloooo, Seattle!

First stop: the Seattle Aqaurium on the waterfront. We are sort of family-tourist-spot connesiuers, we've seen a lot of zoos, aquariums, and museums on the west coast. If I had to grade this aquarium, I'd give it a "C." There were however 2 highlights, the first being this "Octopus Crossing"--watching this dude manuever through his tunnel was pretty bitchin.'.

Now this is what I call a school a fish.
The other highlight is their concrete dome aquarium. Must have been a bee-otch to build...

Another useless hidden talent of Blake's: the uncanny ability to imitate whale sounds!
One of my favorite shots: a string of Nomads
Next stop: Pike Place Market. After standing amongst the other tourists and gawking at the antics of the fish mongers, we finally stepped up and bought some live mussels. We steamed them as a late afternoon meal and they were insanely good!
SAM was closed so we found parking right in front of the giant hammering man sculpture.
Final destination: the vacation rental. A cute little 2-bedroom off of Phinney Ave, near Lake Washington. It was perfect for us, although we did have to look out for ninjas...I couldn't be sure but I think there were 2 little ninjas-in-training. I know because of this sign:
"A Ninga is in your Hose"

Three little snuggle bugs!

Seattle: Day 2

Good morning and Happy Birthday, Papa!!!

Off to Seattle Center, and at Blake's request, The Sci-Fi Museum! The museum shares this building with the Experience Music Project--the exterior is an incredible feat in engineering and design:

Dorks Sci-fi lovers about to enter the museum...
...I am feeling pretty skeptical about the whole thing...
But, honestly, it was THE COOLEST MUSEUM EVER. Even, I, a non-sci-fi buff, could identify with many of the exhibits and appreciated how amazingly well-done it was. Pictures were not allowed, which we honored initially....but then it was so over-whemlingly great that Blake was pouting about not getting to take pictures, and since he ws the birthday boy, I broke down and stole some shots. Not easy considering, they had a guard circling every few minutes. Here is that thing from the Terminator and some rover-thingy (I told you I am not a buff...):
Blake marvelling, in the closest place to heaven for a non-believer:

We couldn't stay forever, sadly. So we headed to the top of the Needle. Fabulous:

Soooo Metropolis!
"did you get this shot?" "did you get this shot?" "did you get this shot?"
It was a fine, fine day. After that we headed home and I made NY steaks and risotto with peas and shitakes. Blake may have been partaking in some sake....yes, that looks like a bleary, contented birthday-sake buzz to me:

Seattle: Day 3

Wednesday was zoo day, and we were just mere blocks away from the Woodland Park Zoo. I know their are many people out there who are not fans of the zoo--it can be depressing to see wild animals out of their natural habitat dependant on humans, and being gawked at by kids while they eat corndogs and ice cream cones. Zoos can be weird. That being said, the Seattle zoo is our hands-down favorite. It is designed to give the animals maximum habitat, to mingle with each other when possible just like in the wild, but also allows the viewer to get very close and really see into their world without being obtrusive. All the while, as you go from exhibit to exhibit, you are in a park-like setting thick with natural foliage, walking trails, and minimal obnoxious fluff (food stands, cartoony signs, etc.) When you first walk in, straight ahead is the african savannah, acres of land and trees and ponds where hippos, giraffes, zebras and antelope hang out all together! To reach the first viewing point, you get to walk through this life-size replica of an african village, complete with family huts, communal hut, and schoolhouse--its an easy lesson in culture for kids to grasp--and very well-done.

The giraffes are usually out on the savannah with the other animals but when the weather gets chilly, they go to their barn. On this day they were "necking" outside of it, playfully knocking and twisting their necks about....very fun to watch.

This dude was obviously the King--he exuded such an air of royalty, occasionally roaring and making deep, husky, repetative calls. The lioness lay near him behind the big rock. They seemed perfectly happy with their own slice of jungle.
I spotted these tame creatures among the bushes...
The elephant forest completely stole the show for us. We were able to able to observe the elephants very closely without huge bars--at one point we were moving along the path near the exhibit and heard heavy breathing close by and realized one elephant was right through the bamboo, it seemed as though we could reach out an touch him. We spent a long time sitting at a mini-ampitheater overlooking their pool and watching them wander back and forth between the different areas. What is really weird though is that while researching the zoo, I came upon a site that said this elephant forest is ranked as one of the worst in the nation because there is not enough space....then where the hell does the Portland zoo rank?? I found this habitat to be much bigger and more natural. We even watched one guy reach out with his trunk and eat off of the surrounding trees.
Just like a domestic kitty, this jaguar was snuggled on a warm rock and looked annoyed that we were disturbing his nap.
I could have spent all day watching the gorillas--the way they interact with each other, their poses and expressions....we are obviously not far off in terms of chromosomes....

Sadly after this, we headed home to pack...

Seattle: Day 4

The neighborhood we were in had an abundance of great shops. At one children's store I popped in because I saw this great Haba toy in the window. The lady pulled it out to check the price and noticed that the sun had bleached one side of it, so she said she'd give it to us for a discount. After calculating, she offered the $60 toy to us for $26!!! Um, yeah, sure, we'll take it. It's got everything--the little house unfolds and has two teething rings, a pacifier clip, three finger puppets and a little dude in a car.

But I digress...we packed up our stuff and headed to the Asian Art museum in Volunteer Park. The lot was nearly empty since we were early so we parked in front of this--look, you can see the space needle through it!
The girls brought their sketch pads and spent some time drawing this god with 11 heads and 1000 arms.
Blake and I tripped out on the beautiful gold pieces while the girls drew (see then through the case?)
Do your ears hang low? Right after we took this the guard informed up there was no picture taking. Oops!

So it ends there...or does it?? Stay tuned....for "The Unfortunate Incident."

Seattle: PS...the Unfortunate Incident

Remember how I said there was an H&M in downtown Seattle? Well, I had to go before we left or I would have regretted it--it had been haunting my thoughts ever since we drove past on Day 1. So as we left the Asian Art Museum, I grabbed a phenominal cup of loose leaf earl grey tea from the cafe, along with (a super rare find) a few soy-free chai flavored chocolate bars. I drank some of it on the way to H&M.

Traffic was bitch so Blake dropped me off a block away from the store, and I told him I'd be as fast as I could while he circled and got a good parking spot. The store was great--I had wanted a black v-neck sweater for daily wear and the first thing I see when I go in: a table of v-neck sweaters for $19.90. Wonderful. I grabbed some equally affordable and cute items--think European Old Navy but more sophisticated; great style, super low prices--and tried them on as fast as I could. The line was super long, and I got out of there in just under an hour. Blake was parked right out front--he'd been fending off the meter-person since our change had been tapped--so we did our final snack/diaper/nurse, and got on the freeway.

Here is where the incident happens. So I reach for my tea. Somewhere in the back of my mind I think, 'geez, it's amazingly still warm'....and 'didn't I drink more than this...?' Obviously, the voice in my head was not loud enough to actually stop and inquire about these mysteries. I take a sip.


It all becomes clear to me immediately: the warm, full cup; the leaving Blake in the car with the kids for an hour downtown; his tendancy to do-what-he-has-to-do when faced with needing to urinate....

As soon as I spit it out (which is basically the moment it hits my tastebuds and I can get the lid off of the cup), Blake notices what has happened. "Oh, honey! Shit! I forgot to tell you!"

My initial reaction: to bawl. Bawl like I've been violated and betrayed. He reaches out for me and I push his hand away. "Oh, great!" He says, "I ruined the whole trip!"

I grab some juice and try to wash away the flavor (quite salty, actually.) I tear open my chocolate bar and start devouring it square by square, my tastebud equivalent to a hot shower. After I few minutes pass, I wipe away my tears and instantly, it's hilarious. Really, really hilarious. I mean, come on, I accidently drank my husband's urine when I was expecting some delicious tea. Even I could see the humor in it. The experience in pictures looks like this:

Blake was very apologetic, and tried to make me feel better in a variety of ways. The most chivalrous gesture I thought (b/c we are weird like that) is when we arrived at a gas station, and I glared at him and said "There is a garbage can over there. You can throw away your pee-tea." I continued to glare (teasingly, of course) while he brought it over to the can, looked back at me with a guilty dog face, and took a sip for himself.

"There, now are we even?" No, because he was expecting it--it was the surprise factor that was half of the upset for me!

Regardless, I don't hold grudges--and I'm sure we will be telling this story for a long, long time.

Friday, October 17, 2008

We're back.

The car is unpacked, the cooler is emptied, the laundry and diapers washed.....and now I am desperately trying to catch up on blogs I am following. Before the trip, I would sit and check for updates a few times a day, thinking "Blog something, people, BLOG I SAY!" Now, I am all, "Geez, people, don't you have lives...?" Of course you do, which, in turn, gives you something to blog about....

Anyhow, as I sort and delete and rotate pictures from the trip here is one teaser shot:

Look at our Portland-hoodiness...we fit right in! Seattle really is a fine city. (Especially now that they have an H & M!!!!!)

Monday, October 13, 2008

From the life of Mama Nomad

I am joining Mrs. G and her followers in a pictoral "Day in the Life." So without further ado, here is what 4 out of 5 days of the week look like for Mama Nomad...

Lucky me, I like to sleep in and Papa Nomad takes the baby downstairs with him around 8 am. I roll out around 9:30 and usually see this first thing as I head downstairs:

Blake and I split making breakfast about half the time (depends on who gets hungriest first...)--today Blake hands me a plate while I hold George over his little potty. Our breakfast always, ALWAYS involves eggs, some sort of pork product, and toast. Mmmmmm, pork....

Before I can even fathom anything in my life, I MUST have a clean kitchen. I call this default kitchen, and once achieved, life can proceed.
so I drink a little black tea....(cup #1)

...and turn the kitchen into this!

This little one hangs out with me while I do the job. (Mayan and Blake run to Costco.)

Oh, guess what time it is! (cup of tea #2 in corner)

Sitting and nursing always attracts a crowd...first the cat...then this little lady appears and asks "Mama, will you read me a book?"
Of course I will!

Once freed from the pile, I head to my little office area to check emails, and my to-do list. My mom just stoked me out with this desk so now I feel like a "grown-up"....

Mayan gets going on her homeschooling:

and the babe sleeps in his hammock:

so for the next while, I am back and forth between the desk and helping the girls with their work....what a productive crew!

Lunch time--leftovers. Today--chicken with pomegranate and walnuts.

Baby wakes from nap and is ready for a refill:

You'll never guess what happens next! "Mama....."

I make some cocoa for my sweeties (and cup #3 of tea for me) while they do a puzzle. I do more kitchen puttering....

Back to the computer to do some research. (Same cup as tea, I think..) For those that do not know this is called NAKing (nursing at keyboard):

and he's down again for a late afternon snooze:

Blake gets home around 6 and I command Blake to "stand here and stir" we collaborate on dinner:

After a hearty meal, Mayan and I play a rousing game of Mancala and I have a glass of wine:

Blake bathes and reads to Isadore upstairs, while Mayan and I start a new chapter book--Little Women! George assumes the position, Mayan crochets:

Ah, the kids are put to bed...what shall we do??

Watch Boston Legal on Netflix and drink another glass of wine....why what were YOU thinking?

I check on Georgie, still fast asleep...

and crawl in to bed with a glass of milk, a piece of zucchini bread, and watch an episode of Seinfeld before drifting off...hopefully I'll get an hour or two in of uninteruppted sleep before the baby wakes and I bring him into bed with us.

Did that seem terribly dull?? Believe or not, I love (nearly) every minute of it! It's true....*happy sigh*

FYI--we will be in Seattle for most of next week, so no posts from me...biut I am looking forward to ctching up on all of your blogs when I get home. Cheers!