Wednesday, January 21, 2009

another things i'm into right now

1)irish breakfast, chai:

tea continues to sponsor my day and may possibly, when i am sapped of vitamin D and feel like a less-than-great-mother, be the key motivator to me getting out of bed in the morning. right now my first-cup-of-the-day choice is irish breakfast, black with sugar.

aunt kamla, who is Indian, taught me how to make chai on her last visit and i find it to be a very soothing ritual with delicious rewards. i like mine with extra ginger and a sprinkle of black pepper for a little bite.


ah, winter brings glorious citrus to our markets and a special treat lately has been a half of a grapefruit, maybe a texas red, with breakfast and sprinkled lightly with sugar. also equally great served over winter greens with avocado slices and parmesan shavings--just cut out the slices around the pith and save the juice for a vinaigrette. (Naomi taught me that.)

3)3rd rock from the sun:

remember this show? it is so FUNNY. around the holidays i happened to catch a few minutes and i was busting up. then a few days later John Lithgow was on Bill Moyers' Journal, and i took it as a universal nudge. picked up the first season at the video store becuase i couldn't wait for it on Netflix. aliens disguised as humans--brilliant, stupidly hilarious. one cannot live on Seinfeld alone, you know.

4)finding the perfect pair of boots:

actually, nevermind this one. *heavy sigh*

5)aden and anais swaddling blankets:

i will admit it here and now--i still swaddle George at night, at almost 9 months old. he flails, he will wake lightly and start to rub his own face which wakes him up even more and makes him cry. so i wrap him in one of these special blankets and bind him with my favorite american apparel scarf, and he sleeps by my side so much better--plus he doesn't try and fond my boob. the blankets are special because they are made from a double layer of muslin, extrememly breathable, and are huge, almost 4 feet by 4 feet. i found a two pack on ebay in a cute camo print. it was the perfect answer since this big boy would bust out of traditional blankets by now. they are a little spendy, but worth it and would make an insanely great gift for anyone you know who is expecting. (i happened to run into a mom at the local cloth diaper shop, zoom baby gear, who had her 5 week old wrapped in one, so shout ot to you, mamanurse, for turning me on to the aden and anais wraps!


this isn't just me, blake and i are both borderline addicted to bi-mart. since we are in our survivalist mode, bi-mart has everything a paranoid prepared family could want, and for cheap. firearms, ammo, hunting supplies, camo clothing, flannel shirts, thermals, wool socks (surprisingly mostly made in the usa), tarps, tools, batteries...and its employee owned.

and if Blake could not love this store anymore (he goes at least once a week) he met Patrick Stewart's stand-in in the electronics department. Dennis Tracy, turns out his name is, was standing there commenting on George's cute hat, which I told him reminded us of Buck Rogers, and Mayan noticed the man's jacket had a Star Trek logo on it. she pointed it out to Blake who said that the man looked like he could be Patrick Stewart's brother (Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, people, if you weren't following) and the guy said "Actually, I was his stand-in for 15 years" or some length of time...and Blake just about died of Star Trek struck-ness. so they blabbled on for a while about conventions and the new movie, and I mentioned that I was merely a Trekkie-by-marriage. long story short, even though I, too, love Bi-Mart (mostly for the thermals and socks and kitchen items and the $4 Labyrinth DVD we scored) I sometimes tease Blake about his love for Bi-Mart and he says "Hey, if its good enough for Patrick Stewart's stand-in, it must be cool!"

7) American Apparel cardigans:

an extra layer to keep warm and easy to nurse in. the shape is not too clingy but just feminine enough to not hide my curves. easy to wash and the 25/25/50 blend comes in some really great colors. they will be great with dresses come spring.

8) winter salad greens

after reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle this summer I became more keenly aware of what it means to eat a popular produce item out of season. i have known that about tomatoes, how they really do taste more amazing in august than any other time of the year, why not indulge then and abstain during the months were they are subpar and shipped in from who knows where? then i thought about lettuce. a big leafy head of lettuce is not so natural mid-winter but what about salads? am i supposed to no eat salad when its cold outside. i might get sweet potoato and chard poisoning or something. so i began to look closer at greens section at the market--heartier winter salad greens and smaller petite greeens that could be grown quickly in greenhouses with little fuss. i grabbed a box of Epic Roots European Salad Mix and it has become a staple. My new favorite lettuce is mache, which is tender and delicious. Mixed up with frisee and radicchio it downright stomps on any "mixed spring baby greens" i've ever eaten. or i'll grab some baby arugala or watercress. add what ever is on hand--citrus, avocado, nuts, crumbled cheese, grated beets or carrots--and drizzle with a simple vinaigrette. i haven't bought a head of lettuce in months. next year i will be prepared to try growing my own.

What are some things you into right now?


Rebekah said...

Bi-mart, eh? You are so hilarious!

What am I into...hum. My new stomper hometown hiking boots. Roasting chickens. Beets.

radishly said...

hahahahah for so many years I have made fun of Ryan for his die-hard bimart luuuuuuuuurvv. hahaha. I will NOT be telling him that this is on your list. Nor, that you are going there for survival gear. No no no!

Nicole said...

Fav items:
TV Show: Heroes
The cookbook: In Season, by Sarah Raven
Current Fav Food: Good vanilla ice cream with whipped cream...not so good for waist line.
Fav clothing item: black thin corduroy skirt that is just below knees, and has some really sexy draping to it.
Fav music: Sufjan Stevens (Come on feel the Illinoise)
PS I LOVE Irish breakfast...prefer it over earl gray (hot...hahah)
Sister Trekkie in SD
pss...we have our own bimart...remind B of Bargain Center on North Park Way ;-) & if you don't have them...try to get the Fox Fire Books. They are the shiznet on survival stuff.

UrbanHippieMama said...

i am totally trying the grapefruit over greens, thing... that sounds so weird that it might be good!!

i'm really into organizing my life right now... does that count??

LA RN said...

#1) My fave tea is earl grey although I find myself only craving it when it is cold outside (not that often here!)

#2) Aaahh, grapefruit! Delicious with avo and parm with greens. Of course I learned the "suprem" trick from Noah. Tender little morsels of pith free grapefruit slices and a vinigrette made of the juices that drizzled out! Can't get any better than that!

#3) I was THRILLED when I noticed that 3rd Rock reruns were finally back on TV. I love that show!

#4) I do not have a cool pair of flat soled boots. I am the only one in LA without them.

#5) Swaddling blanket.. Errr, no comment... Sounds awesome. I wish I had one for me.

#6) I wish we had a Bi-Mart. Sometimes you just need to go to a "mart" that carries all sorts of stuff. And I abhor the other guys. Can't give China my money right now.

#7) LOVE anything American Apparel...

#8) Yeah!! on the greens. Noah is always bringing home different lettuces and greens from the farmer's market and I have fallen in love with all the different varieties. Even the dreaded frisee which lots of people hate. Try this: Slice bacon into small little strips (lardons) and cook. Set aside. Use the bacon fat to make an amazing vinigrette with dijon and white wine vinegar. Dress the frisee with your dressing, toss in the lardons and some croutons, and top the whole thing with a poached egg. Fabulous!

leahsmom said...

1. Financial Peace University. Taught by Dave Ramsey. Its never too late to learn.
2. Bible in a Year. Living Bible. I begin each day with a reading from old testiment, new test. psalms and proverbs.
3. thrift shopping. I love to hunt for treasures. I get a rush when I find a bargan.
4. I'm making that salad for dinner tonight to go with spagetti.
5.Blogs and facebook. Every day I check out who and what and when.
6. volunteering. A few hours a week at the hospital and I get free food as a perk.

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