Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the barn project continues

we have decided to go ahead with the Tuff Shed barn instead of building our own. we visited their lot and could not believe how over-built they were--all wood, no particle board either. plus they had so many great deals going and they build it on your lot for you at no additional cost. so instead of it taking months, and many injuries and arguments (and don't think i'm bagging on blake's skills, these words were from his own mouth) we have designed our barn and are on the schedule for march 3rd. its going to be sweet!! but our work isn't totally done, we've spent the last few weekends prepping the site.

my parents helped us bring down the old chicken shed. it may have looked rickety but it took some muscle to get 'er done! (thank you for helping us, mom and dad!)

its always a shame to cut down a perfectly fine tree, but it had to be done.
thar she blows! the tree falling scared the chickens so bad that one of them layed a shell-less egg a few hours later.

at least we'll have some firewood for next year!

goobie and mama help, too

pretty much ready


UrbanHippieMama said...

How exciting!!! I can't wait to see sounds awesome!

leahsmom said...

I did one thong had my picture taken and get credit for helping, not bad. I love the final picture of the cleared out corner, remembering how much was clogging that corner.