Saturday, July 25, 2009

the kid lens: 3

*pictures taken by my children, with or without my knowledge*

stairs, couch, remote by Isadore by Isadore

Papa loving me at the computer by Isadore

skull teeth by Isadore

feet on furry rug in striped pants by Isadore

blurry Humper eye by Isadore

Mom on phone with Avia by Isadore

Papa's PAM lecture by Mayan

My parents, the hippies by Isadore
(*note--I did not realize what total hippies we were until I saw this picture: me in my homemade dress, Blake bbq-ing in his buddha shirt in our backyard by our rain-catching barrel with chickens wandering around...i swear to you we were not listening to the Grateful Dead, we do not even own any, that may be our saving grace to complete and total hippidom)

Mom driving on our date night by Mayan 

3 comments: said...

I must say Isadore has a natural eye for photography. I love her skull teeth. They look like mountains. What is a hippy anyway? What did you and Mayan do on date night?

Lee said...

Gosh you hippies!


Nicole said...

barefoot as well...hmmm...gonna have to burn ya" the grateful dead that i have & send it to you ;-P