Monday, November 2, 2009

just like that

without even thinking about the consequences i am throwing myself into national blog posting month, a day late. in fact, someone just asked me "hey, are you going to do it this year?", and i said no....and then promptly i went straight here to milk and ink and un-privatized the blog and here i am. talk about being easily swayed by the power of suggestion. just don't tell me i HAVE to do. i'm not too attached to the outcome--who knows, my computer could take a fatal turn any day. i may even employ some "cheater" tricks like pre-writing and post-dating. and don't expect capitalization.

but i have been wanting to write. plus i don't like being left out and it seems like "everyone is doing it." and finally, i love november and blogging is a perfect way to document its glory which contains: my two favorite holidays--day of the dead and thanksgiving, my birthday, anniversary (the wedding one)....i am also scheduled to get a new tattoo. so there is is. milk and ink is back. just. like. that.

let's review the cast of characters:

papa nomad

and yours truly, mama nomad
(photo taken by Goobie)


radishly said...

ah, so glad you've joined me in the madness.

Marketing Mama said...

Awesome - welcome back to the world of public blogging. Nice to see you in my reader again! :)

Joi said...


Rebekah said...

The heck! Suddenly I got ALL your updates for the past...year? CRAZY! It's so nice to read your entire years worth of blog posts in 1 sitting!!

Mama Nomad said...

Rebekah: i wondered what would happen in people's readers when i un-privatized....its a tsumani of posts!