Tuesday, November 3, 2009


October is a month I look forward to all year long, one because its the first full month of fall, the best season on the planet, the one which beckons out sweaters, tights, woolen belted coats, and tall leather boots. Tanktops and tan lines and sunscreens begone! But the main reason why I covet the tenth month is its where we take our yearly family excursion away from the daily grind and make a week-long memory that we draw from throughout the year. Traditionally, this is because October is the slowest month for business: Oct-slooooow-ber. I love the planning involved, the unexpected moments, the let's-have-another-one-we're-on-vacation attitude, the autumn-rich photos, and even the post-adventure scrapbooking or blogging that follows. Goooood times....even when there is the inevitable argument, or we're caught in a downpour, or I get crabby beacuse I can't find a restaurant I can eat at, etc. You all recall the Pee-Tea story of Seattle '08. But it all makes for another riveting chapter of the Perlingieri Family Experience.

This October proved to be as slow as any other, with one painful difference: no vacation. I had a period of denial, maybe a touch of anger however fleeting, a little bargaining on both Blake's and my part, but in the end, acceptance. We strive to be, and to teach our children to be, grateful people. We are doing what we must to make ends meet, and honestly its not hard to see that others have it much worse--and that we have many blessings to count. We had a bit of a vacation weaning process anyhow to lighten the blow--early vacations we flew to New York and Mexico, then we began doing the Canada-thing to save money and avoid flying, and finally, last year we took a shorter trip and fled to the closest city possible. So, we'll be fine. (But, I swear to you, dammit, if things ever improve, I insist on an entire month in Europe to make up for it.)

So here are October's highlights, all within our dear city of Portland.

bet you didn't know we had three kitties

getting ready to start the first fire

that apple festival at portland nursery

apples everywhere!

i only made it through the first 1/4 of the tasting...there was a LOT of apples

mayan learning to blow bubbles with her gum

Blake's birthday dinner: morrocan-style lamb shanks with red lentils, over rice with toasted pine-nuts, almonds, and pistachios, and a pear and blue cheese salad.

the birthday boy sucking marrow with intensity
the play area under autumn's magical touch

the boy plays with his Tonka

papa and his boy enjoy a warm fall day

parsnip haiku:
planted in the spring
these giant autumn parsnips
taste great in pot roast

more funky fruits...er, veggies...of the fall garden

blake's old boss Vaughn came to visit. this is the guy who when blake, two decades ago, wanted to pierce professionally (as opposed to piercing his friends at the park or at parties) went to to ask for a job. Vaughn gave that young man a chance and the rest is history...or as blake and his sister chemynne would say: "20yearsagoB"
vaughn and his girlfriend were on their way to a steam punk convention (google it) and this is vaughn's little "toy" that he showed off to the girls--a heat-powered piston engine, made from glass so you can see how it works.

impromptu science lesson!

my brother and his wife and son visited as well and took isadore, george, and i to the zoo.

too cute....see the giraffe behind them!

i insisted on a family shot even though wesley was totally NOT into getting his picture taken--he wanted to explore every corner of the zoo! there was no cruising by any building or exhibit, he wanted to see it all, without stopping...meshem and rachel were so ready to lay down. why don't they serve beer at the zoo again??

blake makes isadore's kitty-pumpkin dreams come true

this is my favorite pumpkin i've ever carved...spooky!

kitty-women takes it to the streets

mayan needs BLOOD!!

the little monster and his secretary get ready to hit some houses


the end!


Nicole said...

Ah, Octslowber...wonderful moments of life. I agree October is my fav month too!

Nicole said...

Ah, Octslowber...wonderful moments of life. I agree October is my fav month too!

Nicole said...

i am not sure why my comment posted 2x....

pjackson2009@charter.net said...

You are by far my favorite author. Can you imagine how wonderful it is for me to see pictures of my children and grandchildren posted on your blog? I love reading about your life and experiences and family outings. Whatkind o apples did you choose. Such a choice. Love it that Mayan learned to blow a bubble!

pjackson2009@charter.net said...

Back for a second round. Love the carrots. Look like people to me. Love the pumpkin faces too.