Thursday, December 3, 2009

georgie's bedroom

so the other night george falling asleep in his playroom, it seems was not a fluke. the past few nights i've nursed him in my room, then layed him down in the playroom on top of a cushy sleeping bag and he's fallen asleep on his own within ten minutes. no swaddling (this boy must have set record for the oldest swaddled-at-night baby), no screaming....just a milky kiss and a good night, and i don't hear from him again until 8 in the morning, when he wanders into the bedroom saying "Mah? Mah?" or today blake went in to his room and he was just waking up and he sat up and pointed to his sleepy spot and said "night-night"

its weird. blake and i check on him a few times during the night--we've never had a baby out of the bed this soon! and while part of me is a little sad since i know this will be our last baby, it also feels good to have it happen so naturally. through all three kids i've had YEARS of night nursing and snuggling...and toddler kicks to the face, to feel satisfied in the face of this change.

today we picked up a mattress that daena and oliver donated to us and we set it up so now the playroom is officially a bedroom, and it was a pretty sweet moment. everyone brought in something to make it homey, like a dolly and a stuffed tiger, then georgie pretended to be sleeping. it was hilarious. i love my little boy!

*********thank you for the mattress D and O, its perfect!


radishly said...

oh my gawd those pictures are so, so, so, so, so damn cute. the fake sleep in particular just pulls my insides out. such sweet babies you have.

LittleYogini said...

Holy moly I need a Georgie now. That is the sweetest thing ever.

The Marketing Mama said...

He is soooo sweet! What a lovely transition! :)

LA RN said...

Cute, cute, cute! He was ripe and ready for his own space!