Monday, December 28, 2009

(name that song!)

we've been grabbing the reigns of more than one holiday for a few years, and i think we have it down now: we love the food and beauty of Chanukkah, the meaning and reverence of Winter Solstice, and the tradition and excitement of Christmas. it has made for a wonderful last few weeks, strengthening our family ties, given us room to create together, and maybe added a few pounds as well:) here is our 2009 holiday in pictures:

1st night of Hanukkah, b lights the first candles

using family recipes, we ate both potato and sweet potato latkes (with applesauce and sour cream of course), stuffed cabbage, and israeli-style orange chicken.

a little dreidel action

first time wearing a yarmulke..and he ate about 10 sweet potato latkes

loving the beauty of candle light

Solstice night came and after our sweet, private family ritual (you can read more about it here) we opened some gifts for mind and body, to get us through the rest of the cold winter days: clothing and books. here the kids pour over their new books sent by uncle payson and aunt kamla and other thrift store finds:

calendars from grand-p and cookie!

a family photo (george must be a cat b/c i could not fix his eyes on iPhoto!)

christmas eve baking: my cinnamon rolls rose!!

ooey-gooey goodness!

making snowflakes and stars to hang up

and while the girls and i craft.....

papa makes dinner!

our new christmas eve tradition: blake's ramen. soooooo good, and we used one of the chickens we slaughtered for the broth and meat--we felt very connected to this hot bowl of yumminess.

before bed, a little dancing and twirling

a fully-stuffed stocking, complete with cat butt stickers (i bet you can guess who that's for...)

i was afraid they'd fall, they were packed so tight!

a lovely sight heading up to bed that eve....

george discovers the joys of chocolate in your stocking

even papa got some treats in his stocking that he's had since he was a child (his mom handmade it)

drinking tea and handing out gifts

puzzles from grandma!

haha, we found this board book at powell's: Nietzsche 4 Babies.

more goodies from did this girl not have a jean jacket already?

blocks rule

and firetrucks;)

a shoe made from pipecleaners...that is SO mayan!

time to eat: egg-and-bacon pie, cinnamon rolls, cranberry oatmeal muffins, lox-and-bagels with homemade cream cheese, chicken apple sausage, and mimosas.

isadore and athena snuggle up together and watch Wall-E

the wind was blowing but it was beautiful and sunny in the backyard...nothing like last year!

C ventures up to see the loft

Athena and Michael feed the chickens

christmas day barn fun!

its so nice to have this little family close to celebrate the holidays with!

dreamy looks from mama and papa nomad...looking over the past, looking toward the future?

don't leave me out, guys!

mayan scopes her viewmaster newly filled with shrek slides

i love my sister-in-law

Athena and a chicken

the egg collector

being silly in papa's glasses

what holiday is complete without a rousing game of scrabble? for the record chemynne, the newbie, kicked our butts.

finally, a delicious christmas dinner of duck legs in braised red cabbage with wine and prunes, and carrots with shallots and herbs. aahhhhhh.....

it was a great way to close out 2009....
what was your favorite part of this holiday season?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

georgie's bedroom

so the other night george falling asleep in his playroom, it seems was not a fluke. the past few nights i've nursed him in my room, then layed him down in the playroom on top of a cushy sleeping bag and he's fallen asleep on his own within ten minutes. no swaddling (this boy must have set record for the oldest swaddled-at-night baby), no screaming....just a milky kiss and a good night, and i don't hear from him again until 8 in the morning, when he wanders into the bedroom saying "Mah? Mah?" or today blake went in to his room and he was just waking up and he sat up and pointed to his sleepy spot and said "night-night"

its weird. blake and i check on him a few times during the night--we've never had a baby out of the bed this soon! and while part of me is a little sad since i know this will be our last baby, it also feels good to have it happen so naturally. through all three kids i've had YEARS of night nursing and snuggling...and toddler kicks to the face, to feel satisfied in the face of this change.

today we picked up a mattress that daena and oliver donated to us and we set it up so now the playroom is officially a bedroom, and it was a pretty sweet moment. everyone brought in something to make it homey, like a dolly and a stuffed tiger, then georgie pretended to be sleeping. it was hilarious. i love my little boy!

*********thank you for the mattress D and O, its perfect!