Monday, January 25, 2010

goodies from the days in bend

recently, michael took all of my old pictures and videos from my laptop hard drive and put them on the new computer....basically our lives from 2005 to 2007--pre-blogging days for me--flashed before my eyes, many memories i had forgotten.

cooking thanksgiving sister with my sister

my favorite picture of blake ever, taken on our 5th anniversary

adorable family picture in vancouver BC, october 2006

memorable sail on waldo lake on the catalina 22

this might be my fondest memory i have of the time before we decided to move: an epically beautiful fall day i drove out to DD Ranch in Terrebonne with my girls, drinking a delicious chai on the way, to spend the afternoon picnicing, wandering through the pumpkin patch, and taking a hayride. (this was taken by myself on the ride)

at one point my sister had imported all of her videos and pictures from our visits onto my computer, and some went back before we even owned a digital camera. having these little snipettes of little mayan and isadore are priceless!!

mayan is about three here and isadore one-ish.

four and two i think...mayan is pretending to be blake! hilarious...


dave said...
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Aimee said...

Those are so cute!

I just commented but realized I was signed under my husbands name so the dave comment was

Anja said...

You guys look so cool :)

- And yes; the very first comment made by your very own danish stalker ;) Who just stopped by to tell you, that I've closed the old blog and started a new one..