Tuesday, April 27, 2010

George-Ephraim Turns Two

George-Ephraim, or Geo, or Georgie Boy, or Vubbie, or The Vubs as he is usually called.....
was born in the wee hours of the morning on April 27th two years ago today,
directly above my head where I type this,
a smooshie-lipped, curly-headed boy
a boy who brings joy
so much joy and love,
more than I could ever imagine one little boy bringing to a family,
yet his joy spreads much farther,
as he offers this joy to everyone he passes,
rosy-red cheeks glowing with delight,
smiles spread like ripples on the mouths of those in his presence...
oh, little boy, thank you for your joy!

Things to know about George, The Two Year Old:

Favorite food: hummus, just straight up with a spoon. the more garlic the better.

Favorite song: Changes by David Bowie

STILL likes to be swaddled to fall asleep. He has a special blanket for this--his "Mi-Mi" blanket which is a fleece Nightmare Before Christmas blanket.

A day is not a day without walking to the mailbox with Papa.

He never fails to say sorry ("Waaah-reee") or thank you (Day Do!") when the occasion arises. In fact he gets irritated if he thanks me for dinner and I don't say "You're welcome."

He loves shoes. Prefers them to bare feet. Walks on his toes if his feet are bare so they won't touch the floor.

If I were to use one word to describe George it would be: delight (he is both delighted at everything around him and delightful to be around.)



Laura said...

Just as I was reading this Amelia walked up and pointed to a picture and said "Joj!" How sweet is that? She remembers your joyful little boy! Once again, Happy Birthday George! You are so blessed, Leah!

Mama Nomad said...

wow! that's especially sweet since those two have had some tension before...maybe that is why she remembers him....:)

elliesmadre said...

That sweet boy is such a delight. :) I cannot believe it's been 2 years! Wow, time flies. Happy birthday to Georgie and Happy Birthing Day to you. <3

Nicole said...

Happy birthday George!
Leah, your boy is amazing. What a beautiful gift you and B got that magical day. I love you guys and miss you heaps! trying to figure out how to scrap together some money for airfare, so i can come to portland for a weekend of pedalpalooza! kisses to all of you!

UrbanHippieMama said...

Happy Birthday, sweet George!! What a beautiful post, Leah. <3 Hope you both had a wonderful day.

Anja said...

Happy birthday sweet boy :)

korin said...

Happy happy birthday George! and super happy birth-healing day to you, Leah. <3

LA RN said...

A thoughtful, enlightening post. Especially appreciated by those of us who do not get to spend time with his developing personality. Happy birthday George! Auntie is an asshole for forgetting! George, I soak in your unadulterated boyness!!!!!