Saturday, May 22, 2010

mayan's big recital!

i was so nervous for her! this is mayan's third recital and she has been playing piano now for over a year. this particular piece is called Colorful Sonatina, a three part piece : Sunshine Yellow, Dreamy Sky Blue, and Happy Red. she's has been working on it for months, and at first i was surprised at the complexity of the piece, but now i see that her teacher knew that she could pull it off by recital time. she seems to really connect with the mood of each piece, and her teacher commented that she mayan also really connect with playing the large concert piano. you go, sweet girl!

now that we have family here, we took full advantage. grandma, grandpa, chemynne, avia, and even our friends zack and emily (who blake plays music with and mayan crafts with regularly) all came to see her perform. i noticed something too, at this recital, which was mayan has a really fantastic attitude about it all. she was so pumped this morning, aware of her nervousness but more excited than anything. she has the biggest smile on her face before and after the performance, and was on a high from it all for the rest of the day.

so for those who could not be there, without further ado:

(while the other kids were over it, Mayan was still proudly beaming at the front of the stage)

(the Mayan fan club)

The family (sans the hard-working Papa--at least he got to be there to hear her play though)


Cat said...

Ahhh! I love it! I've been practicing lately and taking lessons myself. Tell Mayan that it is a very big accommplishment to get in front of so many people and play a MEMORIZED piece! WOW!

radishly said...

awe, so wonderful!!! i'm blown away. give her some extra finger snaps from me.

also, did you record this with your phone? it looks great!

korin said...

She was complete radness!! awesome! <3