Friday, June 25, 2010

a craft to do TODAY!

mayan likes to go thrift shopping with her grandma, and the other day she came home with a cute book on easy recipes and crafts for kids. this one in particular was SO easy and cute (and useful...i only like useful crafts) i had to share:

take a pair of old jeans (stained and worn our knees is great!) either the size your child wears or a little bigger, then simply cut across so you remove the legs and crotch, about three inches below the back pocket. then cut up the sides to the waistband and remove the front parts of the jeans including the zipper, making sure the waistband and button stays intact. what you are left with is a craft apron or tool belt....looks like this:

its FREE, it takes two minutes, and your kids can decorate them to their hearts content....


UrbanHippieMama said...

SO cute, and such a great idea!! <3

radishly said...

and it comes with a blog post thrown in, i love it!