Monday, July 26, 2010

a peek into summer 2010

as far as i see it, even though summer really just got started, its already halfway over. here, family and friends, is what we've been doing with our time.

bikes (or scooters) on the street-- a daily affair

issy made him a bed in the hall, and he really used it!

my garden. really only going at 50% capacity this year. better than nothing, right?

our first time riding bikes with the public! sunday parkways is awesome!! google it if you don't know about this pdx event...

a visit from auntie naomi and uncle noah. short but sweet!! this is us at the farmer's market at OHSU

when you buy a bunch of live shrimp to cook on the bbq, the least you can do is save one and dress it up in a paper towel and electrical tape tuxedo, right??

the birthday girl requested swimming for her day so that is what she got.

making the world's best gluten-free, corn-free chocolate cake for sister EVAH!!!

karaoke at voicebox lounge was awesome!!!

could be singing george michael...or lady gaga...or no doubt...or the beatles...

we love auntie na-na!!

never under estimate an afternoon chillin' in the backyard.

a sigg bottle to reflect all personalties:

downtown adventure: waiting for the street car

downtown adventure: on the streetcar after a trip to finnegan's. these kids know the importance of staying hydrated on a 90 degree day!

downtown adventure: jamison fountains....ah, smell the chemically-treated water in the air!

what could August bring?? i'll try my best to blog it for you:)