Friday, July 27, 2007

garden suprise

so Grandma came to town to give us each a massage and help in the yard. we were admiring the garden beds one evening after sushi and contemplating cutting back some blackberry vines, when grandma says "are those blueberries....?"

sure enough, after we cleared out this:

we found these! big fat, bug-free SWEET blueberries:

we got about three pounds and there are plently more yet to ripen....

did i mention, how amazingly fertile our soil is....

i *heart* portland gardening


I made a skirt

...and i couldn't feel more proud:) check out my domestic goddess craftiness:

Next, one for Isadore with kitties on it and maybe even a wool one for me....! (no kitties, of course)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mayan Grace is Five Years Old

...and Blake and I can hardly believe it. Seriously, half a decade. Our baby girl, our first born? It's just beyond-words-incredible. She is such a cool person, everything about her--we are both enjoying getting to know her as she gets to know herself. Here was our day:

super special gluten-free, dairy-free and tomato-free pizza!!!

mayan has been wanting to use placemats so i handmade her some really cute ones and had then waiting for her when she woke up

waiting for the Max

Youth cast Wizard of Oz in Washington Park

ready for a nap in the parking garage

thanks for the books aunt NaNa!

sweet homemade card form Cookie, yummy mayan-friendly pizza

Thursday, July 19, 2007

can you guess what this is?

* hint: it's NOT tomato sauce....

give up?

it's MOCK tomato sauce! i just *whipped* up a batch for Mayan's birthday--i want to make her a pizza so this will make a great red base. i stress *whipped* b/c it is actually kind of a pain to make so i only do it once or twice a year. this batch will give me enough for her pizza, some spaghetti later in the week and a few containers to freeze. so what gives it the rich red color? Beets! it has a very vegetable-y flavor, pretty yummy really, but it has a pinky color unlike real red sauce. she loves it though! for this batch i went heavy on the italian herbs, but i have also given it a less-italian flavor to use for enchiladas. got the recipe from a vegan book years ago:

mock tomato sauce:

steam 7 cups of orange yams or butternut squash (peeled and cubed) and 2 medium beets (peeled and chopped--i use rubber gloves to protect my hands from beet stains)

meanwhile saute 1 yellow or white onion (chopped) and 2 or more garlic cloves (minced) in olive oil until transcent.

other ingredients:
6 cups of stock or water
2-3 Tbsp of soy sauce (i DON'T use this--i use 1 Tbsp of fish sauce since we can't eat soy)
2 tsp liquid sweetener (maple syrup, honey...)
2 tsp apple cider vinager
1 strip of Kombu sea weed washed and minced (this is too hard so i didn't do it and added some salt instead)
3 tsp chopped parsley
chopped herbs: rosemary, marjoram, basil, oregano, thyme

blend all of this together--i use a food proccessor so i split it into two batches. then put the red sauce into a big pot with 1 bay leaf or two and simmer for 20 minutes or so, until it is heated through and the flavors can "mingle." keep close to stir frequently, b/c it tends to bubble and "pop!" leaving nice reddish-pink splotches on everything:-) don't forget to take out the bay leaves when done.

can't type....

....B is sleeping.

Walter and Bruce's visit plus the girls and I take a spontaneous trip to the beach:

Sunday, July 8, 2007

one week just wasn't quite enough...

Blake's dad George and his dear wife Gigi stayed with us this past week. They were the perfect guests! Didn't hear a peep, helped with dinner and cleaned the kitchen every night! They even filled up the Suburban with gas. We tried to sell them on Portland the whole time they were here--of course, it is more complicated but we all do wish we lived closer (they are in Fresno.) Of course, they got to see us in all of our glory--rowdy kids, irritated parents, B and I argued for a few of the days....but George just said "Fuck it! you guys are doing a wonderful job. None of that matters. We had a great time." Aw, shucks....are you sure you can't handle 300 days of rain??

Our itinerary:
Sunday--they arrived, had a nice steak and salad dinner
Monday--we sailed but there was NO wind, me and G took the kids to the beach
Tuesday--Body Worlds at OMSI, then lunch at Bay 13 in the Pearl, Blake gave Mayan bangs without asking me, he slept on couch;-)
Wednesday--stayed home for the 4th, G made jewelry with the girls while I got my botched wax fixed, had ribs, coleslaw and watermelon salad
Thursday--D and G went to Forest Grove to the famous sake maker SakeOne, I played at park with girls then B and I kissed and made-up, went to our new favorite sushi restaurant
Friday--Multnomah Falls and picnic, made quick chicken sandwich dinner then Blake, D, and G went and saw the Moody Blues at the Arlene Schnitzer
Saturday--Blake took D to Music Millenium, then made a quiche for lunch, met with photographer Amy at boat for a family shoot including a lovely windy sail, D made us ppast with leek, cabbage, and fontina for dinner
Sunday--they were gone before we awoke *sob* (that was the plan though--they didn't just disappear!)

Photo highlights:

our guest room is ready to recieve

blake reading an old family letter

scoping and hoping for some breeze

deep thoughts from the bow

a bustling family dinner

D and MG waiting for sushi

a picture perfect lunch

how's your food, B?

the sushi stuffer

a man, his iced coffee, and a waterfall

what a cute pair!

my new favorite Lou-B self portrait

easy, breezy, beautiful...cover girl!

what a lovely mist

i heart nature