Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

sunday, in two parts

part one: father's day, in downtown pdx

hello hulk

we finally visited portland's only jewish deli, kenny and zuke's

quick stop at buffalo exchange

taken by blake

blake has a car now, makes life much easier. isadore helped wash it that afternoon...

part two: chemynne's 40th birthday at mt. tabor park

c's friend from ny, kat, and her partner, parker, had just flown in, plus daena and oliver came (with some big news!!!)--the happy group shot

the pointer

a birthday kiss from athena to mama


a solisticy moment

blowing out the candles on the brownies--happy birthday, c!

i love this sweet moment

taking the girls to the bathroom on their brownie high

Saturday, June 20, 2009

can't forget the Goob

didn't have any recent picture of baby Geo so here are some Goobie-shots to satisfy your cravings:

he looks so different (and CUTE!!) with teeth...

two things here: 1) the HAIR; curls to DIE for, just like his papa, and 2) note the shirt: we all took turns decorating his shirt, which says "George!" on the back. him and isadore like to jam on the piano together.

hes' all oer the place now, he is only ever still when he is nursing (and barely even then) or sleeping. my little guy on the move! here i am trying to steal a moment with him and he's already thinking about his next move:

but finally here is, in Isadore's opinion, the best $0.50 i've ever spent. she has a thing for the Incredible Hulk, although she's only ever seen three minutes of the old 70's show with Lou Feriggno--somehow it made quite an impression!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009