Wednesday, April 30, 2008

keeping up with baby g

tell me this not the cutest george you've ever seen?

look! milk flows so freely here, even mayan is producing! hehehhee

oh my god, who does baby g's hair?
(danielle, this blanket rules!)

post-first-great-nursing after the milk came in

duh, we just realized that we haven't taken a family photo yet. this is the best we can do for now:

and these last two are specially for the chef and his wife!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Day two

your comments are overwhelmingly sweet--THANK YOU!!!!!

here are some more snibbets of our day...

okay, back to bed for me....i huuuuuuuurt! can i just say though that blake and the girls are taking SUCH good care of baby g and's incredible--i have three square meals and snacks and cookies and always a full glass, plus the house is spotless! i told blake he is putting my domestic skills to shame--lol!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Baby G
(George-Ephraim Blake Perlingieri)
born April 27th, 2008
2:23 AM
7 pounds, 9 ounces!!!!
active labor: about 7 hours

After I posted, Blake got home around 7 and sure enough things picked up to 4 minutes apart and they got much more intense.

8:30pm: the girls head to bed but we assure them that they will be woken up when the baby comes...
and by 11pm my smile has turned to this:

and then, after 2 hour in the bath, to this:

But by half past 2, the smile is back....because Baby G is here!!!

As promised, the girls were woken just in time thanks to our quick across the street support, Breana. Mayan was enthralled by the while process but Isadore upon hearing the news of her brother, smiled and headed right back to bed.

Blake holds his son:

...and stays by his side while the 'wives check him out:

After some sleep, we reconvene as family and a clear-headed Isadore comes to see whats up:

I think she approves!

Here is our boy!! Yes, I believe his utter cuteness fits right in...

Little boy blue:

He has the Lou lips...and look at that hair!

Oh, smootchy smootchable!

just another reason why having your baby at home rules--breakfast with the fam in bed while watching some videos. no interuptions, no hospital food, and the comfiest bed ever...

uh-oh..i am IN LOVE

George-Ephraim translates to "fruitful earthworker"...George is the name of Blake's dad and Grandpa. (we are still working out the spelling of Ephraim which is pronounced EF-rem)

Look at what we made!!!! And we had him at home!!!!

(Birth junkies/MDC mama's: I will post the real details of the birth on the thread when me and the thread are back in action)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

could it be today?

i woke up around 9am to some strange new contractions that felt at first crampy, then like they were grabbing at my cervix. i laid there and waited....sure enough another rolled around....could it be? i was happy that my reaction was not that of "oh, craaaaaap" but more of excitement...nervousness, really, but i wrangled it into excitement as soon as it occurred to me that i might "scare off" the contractions that i have have really been hoping for. not that i am excited to be in labor...but i don't want to go too long and start having more worries that maybe something is wrong with me, blah blah blah, and i am anxious to meet our new baby.

so i stayed side-lying for a good 45 minutes, and i had one about every 7 minutes. some were intense, others petered out before they got big. none lasted for very long, maybe 20-30 seconds. blake brought me breakfast in bed (not unusual) but i didn't say a peep, again didn't want to syke myself out. i ate my scrambled eggs and ham with toast...they still kept coming. so i finally got up and peed and had another good sign that these contractions were doing something significant: lots of mucus. i headed downstairs with a silly, nervous grin on my face, and met the family out back where the sun was shining (finally)--blake was in great spirits and exclaimed "isn't this the perfect day?!" they had already started weeding the lavendar bed. i just grinned and said " is a perfect day....maybe to have a baby?" i told him what i was feleing but we both played it super cool. we're professionals, we know when to get excited and when to ride it out. we headed to breanas to borrow her lawn trimmer, and i let her in on the haps, still playing it cool but of course she was all excited. we told her that blake was still headed to work-as-usual and she said she'd run her errands quickly then come back just to be at my disposal.

i went on as usual as well--sitting at the computer slowed things down, going outside and weeding felt good, but also my hands were really tight and puffy and it made that task difficult. i sat on the pot for a while and there was lots of bloody mucus--i knew my cervix was doing something good! i decided to call the wives just to let them know where i was at. wondered if they wanted to come and take my blood pressure since my hands were so puffy and i'd had slightly elevated bp last visit. but the oh-so-calm beth assured me that it had just been a little high for me, and i'd had no protein in my urine or any other signs of concern this whole time--the puffiness for me is not worrisome. keep about my normal routine and call if there were changes. can do! i took a nice shower and had a snack of cottage cheese and canned pears, my new favorite snack. so white trash, i know...

breana came home and the girls went to hang there for the afternoon while i rested--by rested i mean i ate cookies and drank milk and watched a few episodes of "what not to wear." by 4, i realized i had not had a real lunch and brought a chicken, bacon, avocado and lettece sandwich across the street while the kids rode bikes. breana began photo-documenting what i know she believes to be a "birthday"--what a dork! (heeeeheeehhee, i love you, dork!)

its 6 now and i am back home, waiting for blake to get home. i really want our family put back together! tomorrow is the start of our weekend and i am curious to see if things pick up when he gets home. oh, here comes another one....forgot to time it since the last...maybe another 7 mouth, deep breath...wowser......okay it passed.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy 1-year-in-Portland Anniversary to us!

Today, April 20th, we celebrate this one year anniversary of our move to Portland. Last year, we woke up bright and early in Bend, Oregon and Blake jumped in our moving van (packed to the gills) while I followed in our Suburban (also packed to the gills) and we headed over that pass the last time as mere visitors and arrived in Portland to our new home! Here is us the first night:
These are some of the things we've accomplished so far....we've gone from this: this:

and this: this:
another before:
....and after:
my favorite before:
finally a playroom before:
..and after:
During our year here, we spent a lot of time here:
....doing a lot of this:
which, for Blake, looked more like this:
...and to the girls, like this:

We romped around downtown Portland enjoying the art and culture:

And all the while, in our beautiful backyard...
...our garden grew: well as our business:

...and also our TRIBE:

Fertile soil here, I tell ya....
Already this place feels undeniably like HOME...
So, if you don't mind, Portland, I think the Nomad family may stay for a loooooong while....