Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ode to the Prairie Underground Hoodie

i could have and should have done this a long time ago. every time i discover another reason to love the this sweatshirt, i think to myself, gee i should write them a letter...or better yet write a blog!

i first time i saw this garment was on a lady at the farmers market in Summer '06. my fashion-loving friend Jen and i both saw it at the same time and reached for each other. it was definitely love at first site. not just cute but different. but before i could act on it, the hoodie/dress/jacket/sweatshirt had disappeared into the crowd. luckily, i spotted her again later on and asked the owner where oh where she purchased it. Habit on Minnesota St.

i went there and fell deeper. it came in Mauve but soon was coming out in a greyish-green called "Drab." (also there was a shorter sassier version available.) at about $178 a pop (a little less for the short) it was not a decision to be taken lightly. but it was over, man--it was a must have. the immediate reasons were clear, which i will list below, but then over time, i learned more and more about the versatility and sheer awesomeness of it. even after the "look" itself wore off, and it became a popular garment, more new reasons kept it in heavy rotation.

so, Prairie Underground hoodie, let me count the ways....:

1) it's organic. made from thick, quality, and delicious organic cotton--one of the reasons it made the price understandable and forgivable.

2) it's flattering. the zipper front creates a v-neck for showing off my mama cleavage (or smaller chested ladies can zip it all the way) and the little panel in the back with small gathers let you keep your waist and sexy lower back instead of drowning your lady-curves in cotton like normal hoodies do.

3) it's big. in terms of amount of fabric, when all laid out it covers some ground. for this reason it has been used countless times at the park as a picnic blanket.

4) it's warm. and b/c its also big like i mentioned above, i have used it as a blanket on airplanes and car trips. i have also folded it up and used it for a pillow on airplanes and car trips.

5) it's absorbent. i have, on one occasion, used it to mop up a large spill on the kitchen floor.

6) it's easy to wash. sometimes in with the towels, sometimes in with the clothes, it's never gotten a stain that i could not easily remove (which is saying a LOT considering use #3 and #5)

7) it's durable. again see all uses above and still no tears, holes, snags, or anything needing repair.

8) it's versatile. i have worn it to go to yoga classes, and also with jeans and heels at a nice restaurant. there is nowhere this hoodie can't go.

9) it has a giant hood. think Lord of the Rings, very middle earth. somehow doesn't stick out when down and covers an amazing amount of head while up, with room to flare out so i can still hear what is going on around me and it still shows off my cute earrings. not to mention how handy this all is in the rain.

10) babies like to chew on the strings and beads. (although i will admit that i did lose the beads long ago)

11) it's not bulky. one of my fave looks last winter was to layer it under a wool coat and let the hood and hem hang. very cute and very warm.

12) it has a 2-way zipper. so you can control how much under-layers you show both top and bottom.

13) it doubles as a robe. this falls into the versatility category but deserves it's own number. its the perfect thing to put on after a bath or shower. and when everyone started getting them and they were all over the place, this became my #1 use.

14) it was used by a bride. i will never forget the day late summer when a friend was getting married in Sisters. there was a forest fire in the area, and the wind was blowing like mad which no one expected, and the sun was setting. the bride had this very cute custom-made dress with cream and lavender and green panels, but it was too cold for the outdoor ceremony. i offered her my garment which totally complimented her earthy dress and she looked beautiful and stayed warm!

15) it's ingenious. it's a hoodie and a dress and jacket and sweatshirt. all-in-one.

and the latest reason to love my Prairie Underground hoodie....

16) it works as maternity! thanks to it's zipper front and shapely back, it has hugged my growing belly perfectly with plenty of room to spare.

people frequently comment on it and i always say it's the most functional piece of clothing i have ever owned. i am confident that i will soon find another reason to add to this list.


elliesmadre said... said "amazing amount of head". Huh-huh. Yeah, I'm a dork. Nice hoodie/dress/robe/blanket/mop. :)

Oh, I asked before but are you guys having an opening night party for Nomad PDX? We would love to be there.

Habit said...

I love this!!! I would love to put it in the store if you don't mind!! Thanks for mentioning Habit! Hope all is well...