Wednesday, August 29, 2007

closet remodel

we have a REAL closet now, a BIG WALK-THROUGH closet...and its soooooo prettyyyyyyy!

barf-peach walls, moldy patch, gross synthetic carpet

more barf-peach, plus (already gone) a saggy wooden rod (i hate me a saggy rod--lol)

sexy modern dresser, cool green walls

new light fixture, steel clothing rod with Ikea organizers, and best of all cork floor! (thanks to B for all of his hard work;-)

Fertile soil, bountiful harvest, rainbow table

Tomatoes, pumpkin, carrots, beets, purple cabbage, corn, blackberries, and flowers.


9 am: Breakfast, Mayan gives the last pancake to her sister "since she's the birthday girl!"

9:30 am: Isadore gets her birthday request, a kitty costume (that i stayed up 'til the wee hours making)

Its a kitty-hoodie!

With cute pink kitty paws!
9:35 am: Cat nap

Noon: (after a visit to Finnegans Toy Store) Lunch at Jamison Square

1 pm: Walk around Jamison Sqaure

2 pm: Join our friend Kylin who is turning 6 at her Puppy Paw-ty

the coolest baby ever, Kiran, with the coolest mom ever

4:30 pm: Time to pick our kitty noses

and to open presents! a puzzle...

and soccer ball (and Gumby and Pokey) from D and G

and a beautiful dress from Walter and Bruce!

5:30 pm: Play with pirate gear!

7:30 pm: (after chicken and sweet potato dinner) Open cards from family (yay a kitty card from NaNa and Noah!)

8 pm: Finally, cake time!

8:01 pm: Make a wish!
Thank you everyone for you calls, cards, gifts, and most of all LOVE.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

simple celebration

in an effort to simply this year, we had one party between Mayan and Isadore's birthday's......handful of friends, ice cream sundaes, party hats, confetti, balloons, and sack races. it was perfection.

isadore, birthdate aug 28 2004

mayan, birthdate july 21 2002

the uber-talented rick

so when does this party start?

the party crew: kaden, madeline, mayan, olivia, isadore, kylin, rosie (elanore had not yet arrived)

makin' sundaes

well i can tell you that stain won't come out

neck and neck sack race

kylin has her mama's smile!

i *heart* this shot so much (thanks for taking it Cath!)

blake explaining the egg-in-spoon race to an attentive yet eager audience

and the added bonus, most of the gifts people brought were handmade! amanda made the girls a bitchin' puppet theatre with sock puppets that hangs in the doorway, breana made adorable tutus, and danielle made all of us (blake and i included!) fabric bags that are made just like plastic sacks from the grocery store. we sure know some crafty people!