Thursday, May 24, 2007


Blake is so happy with his boat. It calls him on the phone and he drops everything to go see it. They text message each other. He keeps tissues and lotion in the cabin.....Alright, alright hugely exaggerating. But it's great to have it so close. He found this new marina to park "her" in. The last one was right by a noisy cafe on the end of the dock and people would walk by constantly and lean on the boat while smoking which is like soooooo effin' disrespectful. Plus there was a super strong current so to get in and out of your space it was really easy to, like, slam into other boats which is, ya know, really bad. So the new place is gated and the waters are so clam and he's right by a huge open stretch of river and when you sit on deck you can see Washington State across the water and see planes fly overhead. It rules. And Mayan is his First mate. It's freaking adorable. She scrubs the deck with a little scrub brush and has her "boat legs" so she has free-range of the boat and doesn't have to wear a life-vest when docked. She is learning all sorts of sailor things like knot tying and about the sails. They spent the whole day there once and they were both beaming when they got home--Mayan just thrives on the responsibility of being first mate--she comes home calm, acting very mature, and connected to her Poppa. Sometimes we go as a family, too. I sunned myself on deck and read some celerbrity gossip, while the girls snacked on Farmer's Market goodies and played below, and Blake did Captain-y things. Yes, I never would have thought but I am really glad we have a sailboat.


Korin said...

thems theres some cute girls. :)

LA RN said...

Tearing up at how cute the girls are!