Wednesday, August 29, 2007


9 am: Breakfast, Mayan gives the last pancake to her sister "since she's the birthday girl!"

9:30 am: Isadore gets her birthday request, a kitty costume (that i stayed up 'til the wee hours making)

Its a kitty-hoodie!

With cute pink kitty paws!
9:35 am: Cat nap

Noon: (after a visit to Finnegans Toy Store) Lunch at Jamison Square

1 pm: Walk around Jamison Sqaure

2 pm: Join our friend Kylin who is turning 6 at her Puppy Paw-ty

the coolest baby ever, Kiran, with the coolest mom ever

4:30 pm: Time to pick our kitty noses

and to open presents! a puzzle...

and soccer ball (and Gumby and Pokey) from D and G

and a beautiful dress from Walter and Bruce!

5:30 pm: Play with pirate gear!

7:30 pm: (after chicken and sweet potato dinner) Open cards from family (yay a kitty card from NaNa and Noah!)

8 pm: Finally, cake time!

8:01 pm: Make a wish!
Thank you everyone for you calls, cards, gifts, and most of all LOVE.


hendreque said...

arrghhhH!that is one awesome pirate chest. was that from finnegins? I must, err, the kids need one! We are such pirate junkies.

North said...

You have some cute cute kidlets! :D And that kitty hoodie is awesome.:)


BreD said...

Happy Birthday Isadore!! Thank you so much for sharing your special day with us. <3<3<3 We love you!!