Wednesday, January 2, 2008

random belly

these aren't the best...but i've had requests!

22 1/2 weeks

23 weeks

for the last few days i have been feeling yucky--again! no big appetite, nauseous, tired....flash back to first trimester (and much of the beginning of the 2nd.)

i am 24 weeks today, and as much as i hate to speculate b/c i think it is fruitless...i am starting to think this might be a boy! it is possible this extended yuckiness is just this baby, this pregnancy and completely unrelated to gender, but i gotta say--it's making me wonder.

the other night i had a dream that i gave birth to a baby that was a perfect 8 pounds. that was a good dream. i would be shocked if i had a baby over 6 pounds since i never have. then again i had just read someone's birth story and their baby was a perfect 8 lbs., so i was probably just integrating the information into my own dreams. ah, the mystery of it all!


Mrs. G. said...

Gorgeous, baby, gorgeous!!

mamayogalove said...

boy oh boy what a beautiful belly you have!

bred said...

i love these pictures!!! and i'm so glad you had a good dream. :) that is so sweet...

LA RN said...

What if you have a boy and a girl??!!