Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Bash Weekend '08

Saturday morning the whole family reunites with our sleepy guests who came in Friday after the kids were tucked in...Geo gives C a smile:Michael and Geo kick it on the round couch with Baby Nermie:
Thena and MG give humper some love:

Sunday before party, Auntie Na-Na and Uncle Noah show up (a suprise visit from LA--of course I was in on it but not the kids)

MG studies C's technique as they decorate for the party with sidewalk chalk. This was SO much cooler than traditional party decor:
Guests begin to arrive--big and small! Allison "introduces" her little Sweetpea to Zeke, canine lord of the manor. We all had a goooood laugh at this one:
Sweetpea nevertheless was a HIT with the little kids. Another homerun hit was the kitty ears that Joi made for Isadore:
Zeke still got some kid-tention, though, from Kaden mostly:
Sweet pile of goodies for the littles--homemade crafty goodness, thoughtful homeschool activites, or store-bought from small local businesses...we have AWESOME friends:
The crew listens to Jade read the next clue on the treasure hunt:
..and it leads to the fireplace! The final clue:
Nicole whips out her compass to help the kids figure out which way is west:
The booty!:
Root beer float time: the kids wait patiently (well, some more than others....):
Mayan's first RB float ever...she likes it!:

Kids in the playhouse (Is, MG, Kylin, and Max):

C and M brought these awesome Egyptian "action figures" for MG:

The old-skool San Diego crew: Daena, Blake, Nicole, and Chemynne together again after......MANY years:

She may never take either of these things off:
A cool B&W of C taken by a kid I'm sure:

B was taking most of the pictures all weekend so here he is enjoying some post-party and post-pizza relaxation:
Isadore and Thurston:

Siblings B and C and thier babies, George and Athena, respectively:

We were so stoked to have an extra bonus night with C and M and A:
Isadore not only is a great big sis, but a great cousin as well--making sure thena doesn't fall on her bum:

Monday night--grillin' with Naomi and Noah. Apparently, my blackberry gallette was a hit:

Telling spooky stories in the tree house:

Quality aunt and uncle time:


leahsmom said...

OMG love the pictures! the party went by so fast but loved seeing all the old friends and family and meeting new friends. Everybody was so happy! Love you all!!!!!MoM

Nicole said...

I can't believe we were actually there! I miss all of you so much! I was telling Jay that I am getting used to my annual Portland trip! Could you please email me the picture of Thurston and Isadore. I absolutely love it!

Nicole said...

Oh yeah...thank you for all your wonderful love and hospitality.
Blake-thanks for having my back when I really needed it!
Love you so much!

Nicole said...

Another comment...
I was just showing Jay and Thurston the picures and Thurston says "look, look Mayan!"
then he said "thurston with dozer"
Took me a minute to figure out that is what he is calling Isadore.
Kills me.....

Meshem said...

Totally bummed we missed out :( Looks like you all had fun!

elliesmadre said...

Thanks so much for having us again this year. We all had a really good time. :) Although I'm going to have to work with Eleanor to get her in some pictures. lol

angstmonkey said...

I am so glad she likes the ears! It was a fantastic time :)

UrbanHippieMama said...

I love the picture of kaden and zeke, but i'm SO sorry i didn't see it so i could get him off!!! Zeke didn't look too mad, although, he probably couldn't breathe. ;)

What a great party!!! Thank you so much for all the fun, and the "special" float -- it was soooooo yummy!!!