Sunday, April 8, 2007

something like easter

nothing better to symbolize spring than the egg. my attempt to dye eggs naturally had mixed results. the blueberry/beet eggs had a good color after soaking in the fridge for a few hours. but the spinach/onion skin eggs not so much--i used light green eggs and hoped for them to be greener or a yellow-green but they turned out brown! just like the normal brown eggs that i dyed purple. oh well, i'll know next time. westley, mayan, and isadore had 22 eggs to find. the only problem was that the eggs were such earthy tones that they were hard to find--even the adults were looking at the end even though we hid them! the final egg was hilarious--blake hid it in the rim of my mom's car. we stood there near it, staring at it, saying "warmer, warm--cold! okay, warmer.." they were SO close but just kept passing it by--we all had a good laugh (with them not at them!) but finally MG spotted it. all in all, good times.

yay, Lukie!

the final egg hiding in the wheel

so close!

check out that ponytail in motion!

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Jessica said...

Your babes are so freaking sweet! I can't wait to meet you guys in person. mamaj